A revamp gathering is an eco-up-cycle event: earth friendly through recycling what you have.

create a new design. learn skills in jewellery making while designing a stunning necklace using your loved, unworn jewellery box collection.

use what you already have : it is the ultimate up-cycle, sustainable event. re-use your outdated necklaces and solo earrings to create something contemporary to wear.

the “too short, too broken, too odd…” are full of memories – who gifted them, where we bought them. workshop them back into life.

At the end of the 3-hour workshop you will have a wearable piece of jewellery, woven with memories.

“I finished the day with a beautiful piece of jewellery that has become my ‘go to‘ piece for special occasions. it is as much a work of art as it is a necklace. I’d highly recommend the experience to anyone interested in stylish individual jewellery and sound ecology.”
Ann, Uki